gsm alarm system  
   Industry GSM RTU/GPRS RTU

Monitoring and control system today requires real-time performance, remote access and use of mobile technology for anywhere, anytime fault and alarm notification. This is crucial for an effective and timely management of equipment, facilities or services.CWT GSM/GPRS RTU such as gsm alarm system, gsm security system, gsm control system have been designed to do all that and more.It interfaces to any equipment or device to provide wireless remote monitoring and control via sms or GPRS. CWT GSM/GPRS RTU are simple to use yet is packed with powerful functionalities to meet a wide ranging industrial and commercial applications.

    GSM control system
  CWT5010 GSM RTU CWT5010 is a vers-atile SMS alert device suited for most monitoring needs.  
> 4 relay drivable outputs
> 4 digital inputs
> Remote setting of phones
> Remote On/Off/Pulse device
> Low cost of ownership
   GSM control system
  CWT5011 GSM RTU CWT5011 is a GSM control system and provide 4 AD inputs  
> 8 relay drivable outputs
> 8 digital inputs
> 4 AD input
> Temperature sensor inside
> Remote setting of phones
   GSM Home alarm systems
GSM alarm system
   CWT5020 GSM alarm
  CWT5020 GSM alarm system CWT5020 is a GSM home alarm system with powful operation LCD menu.  
> 4 Wired Zones
> 8 Wireless Zones
> operation LCD menu
> 10 alarm telephones
> 20 Alarm Records
   CWT5021 mms camera
  CWT5021 GSM alarm system CWT5021 is GSM home alarm system with camera, it can send mms to phone  
> 5 pre-set mobile phones for mms
> support send image to email
> support sms quest image
> 10 wireless zones
> Remote setting of phones